My name is Daryl and I am a 52.459 year old kid.

'A man travels the world over in search of what he needs
 and returns home to find it.'
-George Moore

What's Up?

At this moment I am retired and planning my second half of life out of my Atlanta condo while the world has been put on lockdown due to Covid-19. The idea is to spend the rest of my life as a true world citizen with the never-ending goal of learning as many languages as possible while living abroad and volunteering my problem solving skills to those who need it most wherever I may be. Plan to begin this journey in the form of a CyberTour of the Americas as soon as my reserved Tesla CyberTruck arrives, converting it into an off-road camper and touring the Americas at a leisurely pace. First visiting friends and family along the East coast, climbing North into Canada, crossing into Alaska, and back down the West coast into Central and South America to begin my life abroad. Targeting Brasil for my first significant residency to sharpen up on my Portuguese.

In due diligence I will eventually get around to an update covering some of the random projects I have been involved in since. Until then, if you are curious to see just how my travels played out then be sure to check out my Latest Update.
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