Multi-View JPEG


Below I present two ideas which provide a system for in-place digital photo editing which is compatible with the existing JPEG standard. This system allows the editing of various 'views' of an original image without accumulating additional files. This system promotes simplicity of photo editing and portability.

Multi-View JPEG Extension Header - An extension header embedded into a JPEG/JFIF image that holds multiple 'views' of the original image. These multiple 'views' are defined by a set of image processing instructions contained in this extension header. These instructions are interpreted by a special 'Multi-View' JPEG Viewer to render the desired 'view' from the 'original'. When viewed using a 'normal' JPEG viewer, these instructions are ignored and only the 'original' image is rendered. Possible instruction sets: ImageMagick, Photoshop, custom, etc...

Multi-View JPEG Viewer/Editor - A special viewer/editor implementing the above JPEG extension capabilities. Operates in two modes. In 'view mode' it simply presents a window displaying the desired 'view' as selected from a dropdown menu. In 'edit mode' it also contains a control panel allowing the image processing instructions to be modified by the user and saved. Implementation: Java (Web Based), C, etc... using ImageMagick, Photoshop, etc... as a back end. _ _ ______________________________________________________ _ _

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